Mapleton Community Guide

    The city of Mapleton is located to the south of Provo in Utah County, United States. With a location between Utah Lake and at the base of Grindstone Ridge and Spanish Fork Peak, Mapleton stretches for a span of 12.6 square miles. While the area was first settled in 1850 as an extension of Springville, it became its own entity after a dispute over water rights. It was finally incorporated as its own city in 1948. Like many residential areas in Utah, Mapleton has grown in recent years but it retains much of its charm as a rural area. For those who like to be off the main roads and out in the thrall of rural life, Mapleton is an ideal city to dwell in Northern Utah.

    Community Resources & Recreation

    With its location close to Utah Lake and Spanish Fork Peak, Mapleton is ideal for many outdoor activities throughout the year including skiing, snowboarding and boating. Maple Canyon is situated between Spanish fork Peak and Ether Peak and is a popular getaway for hiking and biking. While Mapleton is a largely rural community, many amenities can be found just a short drive away along Highway 6 in Spanish Fork including Good Earth Natural Foods, Walmart and Deseret Book. For those who like to read, the Springville Public Library is situated just outside the borders of the area at 45 S Main Street and offers a variety of books, DVDs and magazines for loan.

    Local Access and Public Transportation

    Route 89 is the main hub running through the rural area of Mapleton and provides access in the north to Springville and in the south to the communities of Thistle and Birdseye. Interstate 15 runs just west of the area and is one of Utah’s main routes, providing access in the north to Salt Lake City and Provo and in the south to Cedar City, St. George and the state of Nevada. The Provo Airport is 20 minutes away by car and offers many domestic flights, while the Salt Lake City airport is 1 hour away and offers flights to a variety of destinations around the world.

    Local Schools & Adult Education

    The city of Mapleton is served by the Nebo School District and includes the schools of Hobble Creek Elementary, Mapleton Elementary, Mapleton Junior High and Maple Mountain High School, which is located in the nearby community of Spanish Fork. Maple Mountain Montessori School is also located in Mapleton for the enrichment of preschool children. For those who want to continue their education, there are also many local institutions available including Brigham Young University, Westminster College and University of Utah.

    Demographics in the Area

    In 2014, the city was comprised of 9071 people, which represents a 56.2% population increase since 2000. The population was 53.6% male and 46.4% female. The population density was 983 people per square mile. The median household income was $98,548 while the estimated per capita income was $27,209. The average household size in Mapleton is 3.9 and the average median age is 28.8.

    Annual Events and Festivals

    There are a variety of festivals around the Mapleton area that draw visitors and tourists throughout the year. While the rural area of Mapleton has few festivals of its own, the Utah Scottish Festival & Highland Games are one of the area’s most popular events and draw on the area’s history of settlement by Scottish immigrants. The annual event takes place each June and features highland dancing, piping and drumming, and a variety of musicians and food vendors. The Festival Latinoamericano takes places in nearby Provo and offers a chance to celebrate the area’s Hispanic community and indulge in the food and music of Latin American culture. For those who have a passion for music, the Utah Arts Festival occurs annually in Salt Lake City and provides plenty of opportunities for hearing a variety of unique musicians as they take the stage to entertain. The Utah Shakespeare Festival was first held in 1962 to celebrate the plays of William Shakespeare and occurs each year for those who enjoy the work of the bard.

    The area of Mapleton’s location next the mountains and off of the bustling Interstate 15 makes it an ideal place to reside for those who love rural life. Fortunately, it’s just a short drive away from the amenities of nearby Provo and Utah for those who like to dabble in city life. If you would like to learn more about real estate in the Mapleton area, get in touch with us at The Utah Homes Team today for more information.

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