Highland Community Guide

    The city of Highland is situated just south of the capital of Salt Lake City between the communities of Alpine and American Fork. It is located in Utah County, Utah and stretches for approximately 8.5 square miles. The area takes its name from the Scottish Highlands, as the first Scottish Mormon immigrants thought the area resembled their former home. While Highland began to experience an influx of people in the 1870s as settlers migrated to the Salt Lake area, it was only incorporated as a city in 1977. With a location outside the hustle and bustle of the capital that is close to the popular lakes and mountains of Utah, Highland is ideal for those who appreciate the best nature has to offer in close proximity to the city.

    Community Resources & Recreation

    Highland’s close proximity to Utah Lake and the Wasatch Mountain Range makes it ideal for those who love the great outdoors. Whether you like to ski, mountain bike or trail walk, there are opportunities for every kind of sport throughout the year.
    The popular putting grounds of the Cedar Hills Golf Club, South Mountain Golf Course and Alpine Country Club are also nearby for those who love to get out on the green. The area is just a short drive from Alpine Valley Center which sits along Interstate 15 and features popular stores like Target, Best Buy & Lowe’s Home Improvement. There are also a number of restaurants including Culver’s, The Wild Zucchini Grill and Olive Garden. The Highland Library at 5400 Civic Center Drive serves the community and offers a variety of materials for loan including books, DVDs and magazines.

    Local Access and Public Transportation

    The Timpanogos Highway runs through Highland and provides access to Interstate 15. 5300 W Street provides access in the north to the community of Alpine and in the south to American Fork. Interstate 15 runs west of the area and is one of Utah’s main routes, providing access in the north to Salt Lake City and access in the southwest to Provo and the state of Nevada. Utah Transit Authority is the public transportation provider and offers a variety of bus routes with access to many communities in and around Salt Lake City. The Salt Lake City International Airport is approximately 45 minutes away from Alpine and offers flights to a variety of domestic and international locations around the world.

    Local Schools & Education

    The city of Highland is served by the Alpine School District and there are a number of schools within its borders including Ridgeline Elementary School and Legacy Elementary School. The Mountain Ridge Junior High School and Lone Peak High School are also located in Highland. For those who want to continue their education, Westminster College, Brigham Young University and the University of Utah are located close to the area.

    Demographics in the Area

    In 2010, the city was comprised of 15,523 people, which was made up of 1804 households and 1733 families. The population density per square mile was 1174.0 people per square mile. The median household income was $80,053 with the median income at $57,318 for males and $24,440 for females. The average household size in Highland is 4.53 and approximately 66.5% of households had children under the age of 18 in their dwelling. 23.5% of the city’s population is between the ages of 25 and 44, while 17.3% are between the ages of 45 and 64.

    Annual Events and Festivals

    There are a variety of festivals in and around the area that draw visitors and tourists throughout the year. The Utah Scottish Festival & Highland Games are one of the area’s most popular events and draw on the area’s history of settlement by Scottish immigrants. The annual event takes place each June and features highland dancing, piping and drumming, and a variety of musicians and food vendors. The Country Fan Fest and the Utah Arts Festival are held in nearby Salt Lake City and offer opportunities for those who love music and the creativity of the arts. The Utah Shakespeare Festival was first held in 1962 to celebrate the plays of William Shakespeare and occurs each year for those who enjoy the work of the bard.

    With its location close to Salt Lake City and the best amenities the city has to offer, Highland is ideal for those who love urban life. It’s also close to many golf courses and natural spaces, which is perfect for those who have a passion for the great outdoors. If you would like to learn more about real estate in Highland, please contact The Utah Homes Team for more information.

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