Parker Smith is an excellent agent who understood our needs and did his best to meet them. I would highly recommend Parker Smith on your real estate purchase. 
Trent and Kyle Walker
Parker is “hands down the best realtor we have ever used”. We love his energy and breakdown sheets (where it tells the prices?). We would use him again for sure.Kyle and Julia
Kyle and Julia
He was very upfront with us about what the house would be worth if sold as is and what we could do to maximize the value of the house. He was pushy but in a good way, we always felt he had our best interest in mind instead of just trying to get a higher commission. We would definitely come back and work with Parker when the time comes to sell again!
Kyle & Ashley Sneary
Parker is a very professional and knowledgeable REALTOR who pays close attention to details, and works hard for his clients. I will definitely be using him again, and you should to.
Brian Christensen
Parker is amazing - he is knowledgeable, personable, and a pleasure to work with. We consider him our realtor for life.
Esther Hoefler
I was not very easy to work with us for Parker. l was undecided and I had a hard time making decisions. Parker took the time to walk me through every process and prepare me for the market changes that may affect the sale of our home. He negotiated the sale of our home with gusto and determination assuring we made the most amount possible in the fastest amount of time
Sandra & Joel Fletcher
Parker is an extremely personable and knowledgeable agent. He takes the time to break down the costs for you, as well as respond quickly to your texts and/or emails. He is an excellent marketer and brilliant at networking. This is the second time we have used Parker for our real estate needs, and we would continue to use him in the future. 
Parker Smith was a great REALTOR for us. My wife and I were probably pretty annoying at times, but he was patient with us and was able to get us a great deal on a home that we love.  Not only did he help us get into a home, but he helped us sell our condo at a time when it is difficult to sell a condo. We were able to get the best deal that we could on our condo and the home.  There were some hiccups along the way, but Parker really came through for us and made sure several parties were all on the same page so we could close as soon as possible on the condo and the home. He is very knowledgeable and was able to show us what other properties were selling for which helped us know what we needed to do to sell our home and to get into a home.  We would recommend Parker to anyone who is looking to sell or buy.
Jeff & Laura
Parker was great.  He sold our house within the time frame that he originally provided for us.  He worked hard to negotiate the best deal possible for us and made all the paperwork a breeze.  He gave us great advice on getting the house ready to show. If you want your house sold quickly and with few hassles give him a call.
Zachary Miller
Parker is seriously the BEST! We decided to put our house on the market and were looking to buy a new home. I sent him a message on his website and within 20 minutes he was calling me to see what he could help me with! We set up a time to go visit some homes and he put me in touch with his awesome lender! Parker then came to our home and gave us a break down of what our home should be listed for and the time line we should stick to! We put our home up for sale and it was sold within 3 weeks!!! In the meantime we were shopping for a new home. We found the perfect house and made an offer! The home was bank owned and they definitely took their time but Parker was always there to answer my question or address my concerns. If he didn’t know the answer he would find out and get right back to me! He is seriously the best and will do anything to help his clients and get them what they want in selling or buying a home!I will be telling all my friends and family if they need a Realtor Parker is the man!Thanks again Parker.
Paige & Garrett
We decided it was time to sell our home.  We had been told by family, friends and Realtor's that we wouldn't get much out of our house due to its location.  We didn't really want to pay a Realtor fee because we needed to get as much out of our house as possible to afford a down payment for another house.  So we did what most fine Utahan's would do and listed it on local advertisement websites, we had had great luck in the past selling things there. We quickly learned what a mistake that was. The first call we had was a window washer wanting to wash our windows, the next 2 weeks were filled with unprofessional calls from Realtor's chomping at the bit to sell our home for us. we even received advertisements from them in the mail.  After 2 weeks of with no calls from perspective buyers my wife and I looked at each other and decided to call someone more aggressive than we were at selling our home whom we had heard and read good things about, we called Parker. The first visit Parker walked through our home prepared with a true market analysis of our property value and a specific marketing plan for our home. We are the type of people that don't like things sugar coated and Parker was very up front and honest with the pros and cons of selling our home, and utilizing the services of a professional Realtor. He gave a clear plan for price range and time line for how long the house should be listed at each price.  He also showed us what we could expect to get out of our home at each price range so we could start to plan for our future home. We hired Parker on the spot!Parker's photographer did a phenomenal job capturing the character and beauty and all of the work, blood, sweat and tears we had poured into our home over the years. Once our home was listed Parker gave us plenty of notice for showings and did a fantastic job rejecting low ball offers. With Parker's attention to the ever changing market and knowledge of how real estate market works he offered great advise when it came to an offer lower than what we had expected which helped us decide to take a greater risk than we normally would in passing on unacceptable offers but it paid off when a much better offers came in as Parker promised.  Parker kept us informed and fought for our best interest through the whole selling process. We received an offer for higher than full asking price which ended up getting us more than we would have made had we continued to try and sell on our own. I appreciated Parker's foresight in seeing the true value of our home, protecting our interest and getting our home sold. If you want a professional that knows the market and can tell you whether you are up in the night or under estimating your value then hire Parker. If that's not what your looking, for hire Parker anyway cause he is that good! I know I will be recommending him to my friends, family and anyone else interested in real estate for years to come.Thanks Parker.
Mark & Kelly
I’ve known parker now for a few years. He has not only walked me through on buying my first home but also helped me sell it when the time came. He spent a great deal of hours and resources to make sure that everything happened within the small time frame I had. I was rushed, he was calm. I was nervous, he was calm. I was stressing, he remained calm. Parker is great at what he does and always looks out for me, ensuring that I make the right real estate decisions that benefit me. Thank you Parker.
Jake Allredge
In our search for a new home to fit our growing family and specific requirements, Parker was awesome to work with.  He was professional and extremely knowledgeable, responded promptly to our requests to view properties, had tons of patience as we weighed all of our options and often struggled with decisions, and ultimately, with his help, we were able to find the perfect fit for our family.  When it came to the money part of things, Jon thoroughly explained the financing and all the details that we had questions about. His answers were thorough, transparent, and he sincerely considered every question we asked. There was no rush to push us through the process. Working with both of these professionals was a painless experience and we are so happy to have been able to become acquainted with them both.
Juan Paublo & Michelle Jaruf
My husband and I were so happy and pleased with Parker and the help he gave us in buying our house. We give him two thumbs up on everything about his performance as we think he is very deserving of it. He was so helpful and honest about the whole purchase process. He worked really hard to get us the best deal for our budget. He cares about everyone involved and making sure everyone is happy. It was great working with Parker and we plan on utilizing his services again in the future when selling or buying another home. Thanks Parker!!!
Alex & Nila
Parker moved mountains to make sure I got the best deal possible for my house. The advertising was beautiful, the marketing brought in a constant flow of traffic and in negotiations with offers, following his suggestions helped seal the deal.
Trevor Delepine
We had the pleasure of working with Parker over the past two to three months.  We initially met him while looking at a home we were interested in and were impressed not only with his knowledge but with his willingness to listen to our needs and tailor his help to those needs.  Our experience with Realtors in the past left us somewhat wary of working with a new Realtor but Parker laid all our worries to rest. After listening to what we wanted in a home, he worked within those parameters and very helpfully worked with us to find the new home we'll be moving into now.  Parker was helpful without being pushy, accessible whenever we had questions, actually listened when whe had concerns, and was completely competent in every way. We have no worries about moving into our new home and know that Parker will be there to offer advice should we have questions even after we finish buying the home.  Neither of us have any reservations about recommending him to others and plan on introducing him to family members as their home buying needs arise. Thank you, Parker!
Joel & Jamie
We went online to look for a Realtor as we decided to buy our first property. We were lucky to find Parker Smith. Our ideas of what we wanted were not fully developed yet and we changed our minds several times for over a year. Parker over all this time assisted in the entire process, showing us many great homes and we were also able to learn overtime very well what we really wanted. We felt very comfortable with Parker and had a great time looking for our new home. He was always very helpful in showing us what we asked him. The entire process was great. We are very pleased with the deal we made and our new Home. We have recommended Parker to our extended family and will continue to recommend him to friends and family. I am sure you will have a great experience with Parker on finding your new home!
Dennis and Paula
A little over a month ago, my husband and I started looking for a home to buy. We found a few we were interested in and after a rude Realtor refused to talk to us about purchasing the home, we moved onto another home. We called two people who were listed on the contact information. Parker was the first to answer. He was very prompt and offered to meet us at the property. After some quick phone calls he found  out it had just been sold. He offered to take the following day to show us around a number of different properties and one in particular we were very interested in seeing. Parker quickly and happily helped us get an offer together and off to the bank. Both my husband and I were very impressed with Parker's happy attitude and willingness to make sure we understood everything that was happening. He was quick to and diligent on keeping us informed on any news. The bank accepted our offer and we closed a little over 3 weeks later. Thanks for your hard work on helping us into a house Parker!
Cory & Allanna
Parker was great to work with. He's organized and gets results. We d what we wanted and he literally helped us find the perfect place in ONE day. You can't beat that!
Jon & Becky
I’ve worked with Parker Smith for years now. He’s been there to help me buy three properties and sell two! I started using Parker as my REALTOR in 2006. I was ready to buy my first place and he was there for me every step of the way. He made what is normally a tough decision much easier for me, by answering my numerous questions. He was able to explain the process in terms that I could understand. Parker always answered my phone calls, and he sounded happy to be doing it, too! When it came time to sell, I knew to call Parker. He helped me understand what to expect, the best pricing strategy, and how to show my home to it’s best potential. He kept me in the loop with how people reacted to my property, and how I could improve the way it showed to potential buyers.I really appreciate everything Parker has done in helping me buy and sell! Parker’s definitely my realtor for life!
Jamie & Jeff
When it came to the purchase of our first home this year, there was a lot that we didn’t know.  So we’re especially grateful to have had Parker’s help and experience along the way. After listening to what we wanted and needed from a home, Parker helped us to find an abundance of properties that were comfortable for our family and our budget.  We loved using his website to choose our favorites. Parker was great at adding more options that fit our criteria but that we may have overlooked on our own. In fact, the home that we ended up purchasing wasn’t even on our radar before Parker insisted we take a look.  We fell in love with it right away.Parker worked around our changing schedules and young children so that we could view homes at the best times for us. He helped us to see the advantages and disadvantages of each property so that we could always make informed decisions.  When it came time to making an offer on our home, Parker’s research about the property and neighborhood helped us to get the best value. He was always available to answer emails and phone calls, especially during the stressful times. The overall process went very smoothly, and when we did encounter a couple of hiccups, Parker was right there to make sure things worked out on our behalf.  We are so happy with our experience and our new home.  We look forward to any future opportunities to work with Parker again, and we will recommend his services to our closest family members and friends in a heartbeat!
Peter & Lisa
In searching for the first home to purchase, my fiance and I were looking for something nice but within our budget.  We were looking at it more as an investment than a home. Our time frame was that we had the whole summer to look for a home because we were getting married at the end of the summer so I felt like I could do it on my own. I called around on many properties as I was trying to skip the whole broker thing because I didn't want to have to pay extra.My fiance found a home that she liked but I didn't really like. I went and looked at it anyways and went through the broker to try to speed things up because I didn't think I was going to buy it. This is when I met Parker Smith. He is very nice guy and although he had some broker moves I looked past it because I felt he was honest, and after all he is a broker. He offered to show other properties and I accepted. He was very nice in the accommodation and asking questions to meet our requirements. He came up with many properties in a short time to look at and knew the background on all, some very thoroughly. I really appreciated this as I took in the information on the properties. When I decided to look again at them, Parker was very accommodating again, even up until we eventually selected a home. It is actually right next to Parkers home! We went to church with him there. He told us about the area among other things. The experience I had was very good and I would recommend Parker to anybody. During closing on the property I felt a lot like Parker was on my side and was seeking my interest but at the same time was very frank and honest in what his opinion was with what mine was against the seller. I was thankful for this. He has become a very good neighbor and I feel he would help anybody else who wanted the same way. He has very good insight with his background as well. It was good to see him at the signing dressed up smiling as he was holding a house warming gift to give to us. It helped me think less about the stress of obtaining a home and more about the exciting future that we would have in the home and to have him as a neighbor and friend. We are grateful for Parker and his friendliness that is now opening a new door in our life.Thank You,
James and Sara Johansen
We never thought we could afford our dream home.   My wife and I thought we would have to wait till I was done with school to even think about getting our first home.   Parker Smith at not only found our perfect home for us, but in a price range that was affordable for us at this point in our lives.  He is professional as well as friendly and knows from experience and getting to know you personally what houses’ in your price range are best for you. After this house I will still be going back to see Parker and the Brokerage.  Thank you for helping my wife and I make the best purchase of our lives. We couldn’t have done it without you!
Josh & Sydney Bishop
We were thinking of buying a home, but didn’t know where to start, I went into Parkers office one day just to get informed of how, and a month later we end up with our first home. We are thrilled of how quickly the process was and all the information we received from Parker.  We are proud owners of a beautiful home that we love we are glad to have chosen Parker Smith as our Realtor.
Adam & Paula Doolin
We were highly satisfied with Parker Smith (this is the third time we've hired him as our realtor) and would use him again because he's aggressive in preparing and executing well thought out sales plan for our properties. Additionally, Parker was relentless when he assisted us in buying a property as well. We've been so satisfied with Parker Smith's performance that we referred him to one of our closest friends who hired him as well to sell their home
Gregory & Ana Preston
Parker is the best agent I've worked with. He was on the ball, and looking out for my interests. He wasn't just trying to close a sale as fast as possible, he advised me when it was right to make an offer and also when it was right to walk. He was very accessible, and prompt to follow up on his commitments. He can be counted on to do what he says without unnecessary delays. In short he's one of those rare people that justifies how valuable an agent can be. He is highly recommended.
Erick Kuhnl