Jaris Morales was great to work with. She is honest and knowledgeable, and she went out of her way to help me. I would definitely hire her again to buy or sell a home.
Shelly Webb
Jaris is so friendly, not only amazing at her job but also made it easy for us and fun!
Sara DeLue
Jaris was excellent at communicating and answering all of our questions! We had issues with getting our loan to close because there was mold issues and she came on a Saturday to help us clean and paint. Loved working with her!
Sheridan Visker
Jaris was AMAZING!!! Definitely recommending friends and family.
Diana Gomez
A friend of my daughter-in-law works in the real estate office in AZ as a receptionist. After talking to my daughter-in-law Erin, she and her colleagues selected Jaris, as she had previously worked in the AZ office. Fortunately, she transferred to Utah, & was referred to her. She hit the ground running. Within the first week she had called and visited, engaged the photographer, put the listing on line, and scheduled and carried through an open house. She had an offer on the house within 10 days of the listing. The final walk through is Monday, and I sign with the title office Monday. She is extremely knowledgeable and responsive to calls & questions. She put a warranty on the house. I was happy to find out about that, and comforted to know that the warranty will cover most of the c ost of some minor plumbing issues. I would not have known to ask about a warranty, or that it was even an available service. Jaris has given extraordinary service, I cannot say enough about her personality, & her abilities! She is well-suited for her job & career... Jaris kept on the ball and involved until she reached the goal...
Verna Ashton
JARIS MORALES was an outstanding real estate agent and I highly recommend her services. She helped to coordinate information between different parties and was a great guide in facilitating the transaction. She performed above and beyond the level of competence and real estate services provided by many other real estate agents who never respond to your inquiry or just wait for you to hand over your hard-earned cash! JARIS MORALES really delivers high quality real estate services and I am very happy with the outcome. I highly recommend her services!
Cheril Carrington
JARIS was a rock star. She helped us sell and buy and was with us every step of the way.
Erick Graham Wood