Why You Need Your Own Agent When Buying a New Home

    Several  of our recent clients have asked about the risks of buying a new home directly from the Builder/Developer. Apparently, many home buyers are unaware of the disadvantages of buying through the “agent on duty” at the model home sales office. One client  in particular suggested we provide a “Do and Don’t” list to help those uninformed home buyers stay out of trouble.

    The Agent on Duty Works for the Builder, Not for You

    Many of you looking for a new home have gone to a new development community, fallen in love with it, and then end up buying because an agent was “on duty.” Admittedly, before I obtained my real estate license, I would too. The words “agent on duty” just seems to pull you in. That is exactly what the words are designed to do…make you believe that the “agent on duty” is working for you and all you need to do is ask for help. The indisputable fact is the “agent on duty” works solely and at the pleasure of the Builder/Developer…not the buyer. The agent’s sole job is to sell homes for the price, terms and conditions dictated by the Builder/Developer.

    Using Your Own Agent Costs You Nothing and Saves You Money

    Here’s the point: Using your own agent costs you nothing. You’ll have a professional looking out for your best interests, give you an unbiased opinion of the project and the house and maintain your confidence. You will not get a better “deal” using the on-site “agent on duty.” Make sure you bring your Utah Homes Team Realtor with you when touring homes. If you do go into homes without your agent, do not sign anything and very clearly tell the “agent on duty” that you are working with an agent.

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