What type of things should you fix before you list your home?

    Ready to sell your home? You have some big decisions to make, such as setting a listing price. If your price is too high, it could scare away some prospective buyers. Too low, and you could leave some money on the table. Deciding what type of improvements to make to your property before listing it is probably one of the most difficult decisions. Should you update your kitchen? Apply fresh paint to the living room? Plant flowers?  Replace your worn carpet? These time-tested truths can help guide your decision:

    Mechanical issues matter. Little things like a leaky faucet or a toilet that’s not working and big things, like a furnace that sounds like it’s about ready to give up, bother many prospective buyers. In general, buyers don’t like buying a home that has maintenance issues that will need to be resolved right away. That’s why you may want to consider addressing these types of issues first, before cosmetic issues, when you’re getting your property ready to sell. Many buyers make offers contingent upon an inspection, so you may be asked to fix some maintenance issues anyway.

    Make updates with a wide appeal. Thinking of making some major changes before you list your home, such as installing new flooring, adding new exterior paint or even putting in a new kitchen? Don’t pick the colors and materials that you like; you’re moving! Make sure your upgrades are neutral and appealing to the greatest number of buyers. Your Realtor can give you a good idea of what type of flooring, cabinetry, paint and other upgrades are the most popular with home buyers right now.

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