Ways to make moving a whole lot easier

    Businessman with a question mark instead of the faceMaking a move anytime soon? Here are four important things you can do to help you and your family settle into a new community:

    Ask lots of questions. Before you rent or buy a home, talk to co-workers and friends in your new hometown about specific neighborhoods that would be a good fit for you and your family. A Realtor can be a great resource for finding neighborhoods that are the best fit for you, whether you’re looking for a neighborhood of young adults, families or seniors.

    Consider amenities. Think about whether you want to be near schools, public transportation or other amenities for the best quality of life before you commit to buy or rent a home. A home near a bus stop, for example, could make life a whole lot easier for a family with school-age children. Love to shop? Then you probably don’t want to have a long drive to a mall or shopping centers.

    Work with a Realtor.┬áThis isn’t one time to go it alone.┬áRealtors can help you find a good rental property and/or the right home to purchase. Even if you’re renting a home for a short time before you buy, maintaining a relationship with a real estate agent can help you keep tabs on the local market and let you know about any homes in your price range that are listed for sale.

    Use the Internet. Yes, the information highway is a beautiful thing for relocations. Use Google to peruse neighborhoods, get big-picture looks at prospective homes and find local attractions of interest to you and your family!

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