Happy Holidays from the Utah Homes Team!

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    The Holidays are a nostalgic time of year for many people, and I am no exception. I grew up in Mapleton, Utah, and we always got a lot of snow.

    I can remember building snowmen, learning how to shape and toss a good snowball, and shoveling a whole lot of snow. We had a lot of fun at home, but we also learned the value of hard work when removing snow.12.22.15

    My mother also taught me reverence because we had a nativity scene. Whenever we did something good for someone, we were allowed to place some hay on Jesus’s manger. We always wanted to make a soft bed for Jesus, and there were nine of us, so every time Christmas hit, he would always lay on a soft bed of hay.

    I realize that when people sell homes, they’re losing a lot of memories. That’s why I’m honored to be the one you trust to sell your home for you. I know that your home is very near and dear to your heart, so I appreciate your trust and loyalty to me.

    If you’re thinking of buying or selling anytime soon, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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