Indoor plants to decorate the home and purifies the air

One of the many things homeowners naturally wants to do is to decorate their home with their own personal touch. Why not add a houseplant or two to your list? These days many people keep indoor plants to make their house and rooms look more lively and attractive. The right houseplant acts as a beautiful decoration and can purify the air.

Scientifically, plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and emit oxygen, refreshing the environment. In addition, plants also help remove certain pollutants in the air and is beneficial in indoor air pollution.

If you prefer something that requires less maintenance, here are a few that doesn’t need a green thumb:  

Aloe Vera

Known for its healing properties, this perennial plant filters formaldehyde and benzene out of the air in your home. This plant will bloom with ease and does not require a lot of maintenance as long as it’s in a spot with plenty of sunlight.

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Spider Plant

This plant can easily adapt to any environment and don’t really require too much attention. They love indirect but bright light, and well-drained soil so don’t forget about misting the plant regularly.

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Snake Plants

This is a great plant for those non-gardeners, as long as you don’t overwater it.

Photo of Green Snake House Plant

Boston Fern

The Boston Fern can absorb formaldehyde better than any other known air purifying plant.

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Areca Palm

It’s a go-to plant for bright interiors with its bold, arching fronds that demand to be admired. It’s best to purchase this indoor plant while it’s still at table-top size. Keep in mind that it grows as much as six to ten inches annually and will reach six to seven feet indoors, and as much as 25 feet outdoors at full maturity.


Chinese Evergreen 

Another low maintenance indoor plant that requires minimum light. They like humidity. They purifies the air from formaldehyde and benzene. However, you might want to keep your pets away from Chinese Evergreen, as they carry elements that are dangerous for dogs. 

Close View of Chinese Evergreen Plant Near Pink Wall

Schefflera (Bonsai)

This plant is proven useful in the removal of benzene and toluene, making this the perfect plant for a smoker’s home.

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Weeping Fig / Ficus Tree

Be careful of where you place it indoors as it can grow up to ten feet tall. It requires little maintenance; all you need is an area with bright but indirect light and well-drained soil.

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For those who prefer indoor plants with a pop of color, Chrysanthemums and Peace Lily are commonly used as an room accent.  


Red Petaled Flower

This plant requires a significant amount of sunlight to bloom, so for best results, place this in an area where it can get direct sunlight.   

Peace Lily

A aesthetically classy and delicate plant that packs an absorbing capability that is useful in poorly ventilated areas, to get rid of benzene, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde and other pollutants.

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