Decorate with houseplants to improve air quality

    Once you move into a new home, no doubt you’ll have a lot of things to buy. Why not add a houseplant or two to your shopping list? Houseplants and indoor flowers are attractive and fairly inexpensive embellishments that give homes a vivacious feel. Your living space feels alive when you decorate with a variety of oxygen-expelling plants. Below you’ll find a list of houseplants that serve two purposes: They’re beautiful and they clean the air in your new home.

    Spider plant. Don’t worry, arachnophobes! These plants don’t attract you-know-whats. They DO, however, combat carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and benzene. Oh, and if your thumbs are anything but green, don’t worry. These resilient plants are difficult to kill.

    Chinese evergreen. Another easy-to-grow plant, this species battles air pollutants and removes toxins.

    Azalea. This shrub helps fight formaldehyde that can accumulate from foam insulation and plywood. Azaleas do best in cool areas around 60 to 65 degrees, so they are a good option for improving indoor air in your basement if you have enough light.

    Heart leaf philodendron. If you’ve got pets or kids — or are an adult with a penchant for snacking on houseplants — this climbing vine should be avoided because it’s toxic when eaten. But it’s a great plant for gobbling up volatile organic compounds.

    For a list (and pictures) of 15 houseplants that improve air quality, check out this informative slideshow from Mother Nature Network.

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