Closing Costs: Who's Paying How Much?

Have You Saved Enough for Closing Costs? | Simplifying The Market

Have you put aside enough for closing costs?

There are many potential homebuyers, and even sellers, who believe that you need at least a  20% down payment in order to buy a home, or move on to their next home. Time after time,  we have dispelled this myth by showing that there are many loan programs that allow you to  put down as little as 3% (or 0% with a VA loan).

If you have saved up your down payment and are ready to start your home search, one other  piece of the puzzle is to make sure that you have saved enough for your closing costs.

Freddie Mac defines closing costs as:

“Closing costs, also called settlement fees, will need to be paid when you obtain a  mortgage. These are fees charged by people representing your purchase, including  your lender, real estate agent, and other third parties involved in the transaction.

Closing costs are typically between 2 and 5% of your purchase price.”

We’ve recently heard from many first-time homebuyers that they wished that someone had  let them know that closing costs could be so high. If you think about it, with a low down  payment program, your closing costs could equal the amount that you saved for your down  payment.

Here is a list of just some of the fees/costs that may be included in your closing costs,  depending on where the home you wish to purchase is located:

  • Government recording costs
  • Appraisal fees
  • Credit report fees
  • Lender origination fees
  • Title services (insurance, search fees)
  • Tax service fees
  • Survey fees
  • Attorney fees
  • Underwriting fees

Is there any way to avoid paying closing costs?

Work with your lender and real estate agent to see if there are any ways to decrease or defer  your closing costs. There are no-closing mortgages available, but they end up costing you  more in the end with a higher interest rate, or by wrapping the closing costs into the total  cost of the mortgage (meaning you’ll end up paying interest on your closing costs).

Home buyers can also negotiate with the seller over who pays these fees. Sometimes the seller will agree to assume the buyer’s closing fees in order to get the deal finalized.

Bottom Line

Speak with your lender and agent early and often to determine how much you’ll be  responsible for at closing. Finding out you’ll need to come up with thousands of dollars right  before closing is not a surprise anyone is ever looking forward to.

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