Tips on how to establish and maintain positive credit paying credit on time  REVOLVING CREDIT Use only 10% of your available credit limit to ensure that you maximize the potential of your credit score. Make sure to pay the balance full each month when you receive the statement.

  build up your credit  

  CREDIT HISTORY  Your credit profile is 35% of your credit history. A well-established credit profile is made up of on-time payments. Technically, the first step to build a long term credit health is simply paying your accounts on time.



  SECURED CREDIT CARDS Best way to start establishing your credit is with a Secured Credit Card. You can use it as a normal credit card and it will be a secured line of credit with the bank.       

Here are a few recommendations to start that process:

Your Local Credit Union or Bank:

Best place to start looking for a secured credit card. Inquire specifically for their best secured offers.

Reports to all three credit bureaus and offers very applications. Perfect for people with low credit cards. They have an easy online application process and excellent reviews and ratings.  

build your credit up    

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