4 Steps to Selling Your Home


The best part in homeownership is the one where you and your loved ones create lifetime memories together. It is your own sanctuary of emotions and experiences. But there will come a time when you'll be in great need to move on in life, and selling your beloved home which mirrors who you will be fundamental.

Selling your home is saying goodbye to an irreplaceable part of you. As difficult as it may be, you have to go through it. So how to do it? Here are some tips:  

* Price

- Pricing you home too high will do the opposite of attracting potential buyers. Pricing too low might take away the rightful profit you deserve.

- The key here is to price it not too high and not too low, base it on the current market. You need someone to help you with this. To know for sure you can check in with us to fully valuate your property. We determine market value based on comparable sales in the market.

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* Condition

- Making sure your home is in it's best state is an art. It takes a few easy, basic tips and tricks to get you there.

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* Marketing

- Take good photos, and we're not only talking about the resolution but also the angle of each shot. We want buyer gasping in AWE - not restraining themselves from screaming "What are they thinking?".

- Suggest an open house to your agent.

- Make sure to ask your agent to create a video of your home to be uploaded online. A lot of buyers spend majority of their home search online.

* Hire a Professional

- Agents save you on the hassles of spending time, money, and effort on selling your house.

- Studies have shown that homes typically sell for more money when handled by a real estate  professional.

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