10 Great Reason to Buy A Home Now


    1. QUALITY OF LIFE a home provides stability and security for you and your loved ones, and membership within a community of neighbors

    2. PRIDE OF HOME OWNERSHIP a home is a personal haven, a place that you can decorate, shape and share over time because it’s yours.

    3. RENTS HAVE SKYROCKETED rental rates are estimated to rise 8% which means buying will continue to be cheaper than renting

    4. INTEREST RATES ARE STILL A RECORD LOW interest rates on home loans are still remarkably low, with a 30-year fixed-rate home loan still hovering between 4-4.5%

    5. APPRECIATION POTENTIAL your home investment can grow in value.

    6. MORTGAGE INSURANCE rates are down from 1.85% to 0.85%

    7. LEVERAGE where else can you buy an investment of this magnitude with 3.5-20 percent down?

    8. TAX DEDUCTION ADVANTAGES may qualify for the following deductions – mortgage interest, certain home-related expenses, points paid at closing and home property taxes.

    9. TAX EXEMPTIONS up to $500,000 per married couple of $250,000 per person on sale of a primary residence in the United States after 2 years of home ownership.

    10. HOME PRICES ARE STABILIZING stabilizing home prices create a level playing field with more inventory and more selection for buyers.


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