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Dog-Friendly Attractions

Dog-Friendly Attractions in Utah

Tanner Park

If you’ve got a social pup who just wants more paws in his life, head to Tanner Park in Salt Lake. The popular park’s easy, meandering, dirt-packed trails are accessible any time of year, and there’s a great natural stream. You can take him off leash once you pass the sign that marks the entrance to Parley’s Nature Area, and take advantage of the dog wash and dog clean-up stations before you head out. Again, it’s a popular park and it gets crowded on the weekends, so if your mutt is a lone ranger, maybe try a different stomping ground. Amenities at this park include a little league field, tennis court, paved walkway & playground.   http://www.parks.slco.org/tanner/

 Round Valley

A local favorite and less crowded than Tanner Park is Round Valley Trail system is widely used by mountain bikers, the trailhead located at Old Ranch Road is particularly rocky and a bit of a grunt, making it less of an appeal for bikers. As a result, it is a great choice for hiking with dogs in Park City, not to mention that many pets run free on this trail.  With 40 off-leash miles and easy, moderate and steep trails, you can find everything you need in one place.   http://www.doggoes.com/parks/utah/park-city-dog-park-recreation-complex

 City Creek Canyon and Freedom Trail at Memory Grove

If the in-laws want to spend all day shopping at City Creek Salt Lake City and you just want to play in the mud with your dog, check out this lovely trail two blocks from downtown. The trail runs parallel to the canyon road and the actual City Creek the mall was named after, and includes the dog-friendly Memory Grove Park at the base.   http://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/utah/city-creek-canyon

 Mill Creek Canyon

East on 3800 South (Mill Creek Canyon Road) from 3500 East (Wasatch Blvd.), Salt Lake City

Allows dogs to be off leash on odd days but on even-numbered days they must be leashed and stick to developed areas, like picnic grounds and parking lots. This canyon boasts a great trail system, with mostly moderate and difficult trails. Local dogs love Dog Lake trail because at the end of the trail is a really nice meadow. Just kidding, it leads to a lake.   http://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/utah/dog-lake-trail

 Neff’s Canyon

Another local favorite is Neff’s Canyon, a 5.5-mile round-trip hike that can be moderate to difficult, depending on how far you and General Mac-Arf-fur want to go. And don’t forget your camera — Neff’s Canyon gives you some great views. Because of the exposed trail, sunscreen and water are recommended for day hikes.   http://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/utah/park-city-ut

 The Bonneville Shoreline Trail nestled in the beautiful Springville Canyon is the Hobble Creek Trail. This, paved, 4.5 mile trail is sure to become your new favorite weekend spot, and, if your dog could talk, their most requested too! Following the edge of the mountains, the Hobble Creek trail offers an easy walk, great views, and a dog friendly environment that even includes doggy bag dispensers at some of the turn-offs. The majority of the trail is shaded so don’t worry about your pooch getting over-heated (hot dog) but, as always, its best to pack in plenty of water.   http://bonnevilleshorelinetrail.org/

 Mount Olympus Trail

Are you the proud owner of an Energizer Beagle? If you need a hike that will really wear Puppers Q. Doggleston out, try hiking Mt. Olympus in Salt Lake City. This challenging hike is steep, rocky and has a 360° view at the summit that might make you emotional. The trail becomes a scramble near the summit, so if your dog isn’t capable of navigating large rocks, it’s best to turn back at the saddle.   http://utah.com/hiking/mt-olympus-trail

 Killyon Canyon

If you want a lovely, quiet walk with your pooch, check out Killyon Canyon, located at the top of the most overlooked of Salt Lake’s canyons: Emigration Canyon. It’s a great streamside hike that measures about 4 miles round trip. Enjoy the gentle rolling hills and tree groves; for bonus points, go in the fall and check out the great colors.   http://www.alltrails.com/events/2010/08/killyon-canyon-trail

 Dimple Dell Nature Park

If you live near the point of the mountain, check out Dimple Dell Nature Lover Park. (Nature-loving credentials will be checked upon entrance.) This is a shady, lovely park boasting a natural ravine with several hiking trails crisscrossing it, and a chilly river that runs in spring and early summer in Sandy Utah.   http://www.bringfido.com/attraction/963/

 Bloods Lake and Lake Lackawaxen

These two odd-sounding lakes are accessible by easy hikes and can be a great place to go if your dog needs to cool off in the water. While most of Big Cottonwood Canyon in Park City is a watershed that doesn’t allow dogs to swim or be off-leash, Lakes Lackawaxen and Bloods are a refreshing exception. Trailhead is on the east side of Guardsman Pass.   http://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/utah/bloods-lake-trail

 Horsetail Falls

At the end of Grove Drive (200 East), Alpine

If you and your pup can’t get enough of the water this summer, check out Horsetail Falls. It’s a forested and shaded (but steep) 4-mile hike with a great waterfall to reward you for all your work. Plus, dogs are allowed off leash. Everybody wins.   http://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/utah/horsetail-falls

 Silver Glance Lake Trail begins at Silver Lake Flat Reservoir, American Fork Canyon. Silver Glance Lake is not for the faint of heart or paw. The trail crosses two streams, offers great views of Mt. Timpanogos, and leads to a high alpine lake. It’s 5 miles round-trip with an elevation gain of about 1200 feet. Also, the road getting there is rough, so we’d recommend leaving your compact car in the garage.   http://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/utah/silver-lake-trail

 Y Trail

The “Y” Mountain Trail is a 6.7 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Provo, UT that offers scenic views. Well, did you know you can hike up to the ‘Y’ and the trail is totally dog friendly?! There is no water available along the way so be sure to pack as much as you and your pet will need!   http://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/utah/y-mountain-trail

 Bridal Veil, located just ten minutes up Provo canyon (US Highway 189) is a spectacular falls frequently recognized as one of America’s 100 great waterfalls. Just a short, paved trail away from the parking lot, the base of the falls is a popular hangout. You and your dog will love splashing around the natural pool at the bottom. Or, if you’re feeling brave, venture to the top of the falls for a great view of the canyon below.   http://provo-canyon-parks.weebly.com/bridal-veil-falls.html

 Timpooneke Trail

If you dare to take the whole trail be sure to bring lots of water and snacks for you and your four-legged friend. The trail is just shy of 15 miles round trip and, depending on the season, you may encounter ice or snow so plan ahead!   http://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/utah/mt-timpanogos-timpanooke-way

 Nielsen’s Grove Park is possibly one of Orem’s best kept secret spots. A sprawling, 21 acre park featuring a reflecting pool, fountain, garden, museum, and lots of wide open space (fetch, anyone?). Located just off of Sandhill Road behind the Orem Wal-mart, Nielsen’s Grove is a close, easy-to-access, “pawsome” park you’ll want to visit again and again.   http://www.oremrecreation.com/index.php/nielsons-grove-park

 Stewart Falls

The 4 mile out and back trail is easy-going and a good go-to almost any time of the year. The trail to Stewart Falls begins at the Aspen Grove trailhead in Provo Canyon near Sundance. The trail is particularly alluring in the fall when the leaves are changing. Year-round your pooch is sure to find lots of fetch sticks and enjoy the wide open spaces this trail has to offer.   https://utah.com/hiking/stewart-falls

 Payson Grotto Trail

What’s not to love about a short, easy, puppy-friendly, trail that leads to a splendid natural wonder carved out of the mountian by a raging waterfall? Well that’s exactly what you get on the Payson Grotto Trail and, you guessed it, it’s totally dog friendly. The entire hike should only take about 45 minutes but plan some extra time to explore around the grotto while your dog splashes and plays in the natural pool at the bottom.   http://www.girlonahike.com/2016/06/the-grotto-trail-waterfall.html

 The Gateway is an open-air mall in Salt Lake City which welcomes dogs of all sizes. The stores make their own rules regarding dogs, but many are dog-friendly. Dogs must be leashed, of course, and you should bring plenty of doggy bags (it’s a public mall, after all). Additionally, unruly dogs may be asked to leave.   http://www.shopthegateway.com/

 City Creek Center is dog-friendly open-air mall in Salt Lake City. Dogs are allowed in the common areas of the mall; it is up to individual stores whether they allow a dog inside. Dogs must be well behaved, leashed, and under their owner’s control at all times.   http://www.shopcitycreekcenter.com/

  Willow Creek Park (4460 Spilt Rail Lane) is an enclosed 2.4-acre fenced area in Park City with both turf and a large dog friendly pond. The pond features both a zero entry point on the east bank and a floating dock for dogs to jump from if they are tempted. There is a 1/3-mile soft surface trail that is inside of the dog park with a 24,000-square-feet area of “fetch” space. The dog park also features an agility course for your furry best friends to work on their skills. For the dog owners there are three small shade shelters to enjoy while keeping an eye on your dog.   http://basinrecreation.org/willow_creek.html#top

Dog-Friendly Attractions in Utah